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Setting the right tone

People generally enlist the services of a certified translator because they are at a crossroads in their lives: they are marrying someone from another country, they want to emigrate to a sunnier location or want to set up a subsidiary abroad.

At such a time you need professional advice. After all, you want to get off on the right foot. That is why it is imperative to select a translator who is able to provide you with reliable and tailor-made support. It’s simply a matter of setting the right Toon*.

Who is Toon?

I have been working as a certified translator and certified interpreter for almost ten years now as I obtained my Master’s Degree of Translation in 2002. My mother tongue is Dutch, and I offer English and Spanish as foreign languages. This means that I can help you with translations into Dutch from English and Spanish but also from Dutch into English or Spanish. For legalising or notarising or documents, I make use of the services of the Court of First Instance of Kortrijk (Courtrai). These legalised/notarised documents can then be used in the entire territory of Belgium (and abroad).

 (*In Dutch, my first name ‘Toon’ is pronounced ‘tone’)