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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you give me an indication of the price of my translation?

    Each document is different. Some documents contain a great deal of text, others only a few lines of text. Some translators apply a fixed price per page, but I do not think this is fair. I calculate my price on the basis of the number of lines of text. That way, you will only pay for the text that is actually translated. Administration costs are applied for legalising documents. However, these costs apply to the full set of documents and are the same regadless of the number of pages.

  • How long does a translation take (possibly including a certification and legalisation)?

    Usually, making the translation does not take that long, although much depends on the number of documents and complexity of the design. Translations are certified immediately after completion so this does not take up any additional time. Depending on how urgently  the translation is needed we can look at the most efficient way of working  (many authorities are now also accepting digital copies of translations pending delivery of the paper copy). 

  • How do I know whether my translation needs to be certified/notarised?

    Unfortunately, most bodies apply different criteria and conditions, which usually also change over time. This means, therefore, that it is best to be properly informed before embarking on an administrative adventure. To get this information, the input from the translator is important, but certainly also the information you get from the body requiring the certified translation (e.g. Embassy or foreign employer).

  • I also need an apostille/other stamps for my translation. Can you help me?

    Yes, I can help you with translating, certifying, notarising and apostilles for documents (from the Court, Belgian Federal Ministry of Justice and Foreign Affairs). I will explain the applicable procedures and provide you with the necessary contact details.

  • My translation also has to be ‘legalised’ or ‘notarised’. Are you able to do that?

    Yes, although I cannot legalise documents myself. Documents are legalised or notarised by the Court of First Instance. In my case, I work with the Court of First Instance of Kortrijk (Courtrai). I send the documents via mail to the Court. The documents are stamped (legalised) and then forwarded to the address you mentioned.

  • I need a certified translation. Can you help me?

    Certainly. I was sworn in as a certified translator and interpreter in Merelbeke for English, Spanish and Dutch. This means that I am certified to provide translations from English/Spanish into Dutch and from Dutch into English/Spanish. However, I can also help you out for languages other than English or Spanish.